This site contains some binaries for slashpackage foreign. Most of the important reading is over there. This may turn into a full-fledged slashpackage distribution, but mainly these binaries are provided for all those overworked sysadmins out there. It's like OpenPKG except that glibc is included which means that every binary here is independent of the host system. These slashpackage binary packages can be used anywhere because they do not depend on or affect the host system.

Currently, there are only binaries for Linux-i386. This is only a subset of all the packages of which more will be available eventually. Also, there is no installer and the current version symlink and the data dirs are included which may not be what you want. In fact, this is the raw output of the build script below. An installer and some better packaging that doesn't set symlinks and does some generic sensible install configurations may be available a bit later.

If anyone wants to compile for other platforms, can host the binaries here. And like all other software, use at your own risk.

Or if you'd like to build your own slashpackage system from scratch, the script and patches used to build the packages is here. The script is a modified version of DIY-Linux. This creates a bootstrap from which the actual compile is done, and while it is possible to build a slashpackage system over any system, this is much handier for testing. The original can be found at It takes about 8 hours on a P4 3.0 GHZ.